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72hours Survival kit: 30pcs green 6'' SnapLight + 6 bags of 250g Travellunch freeze-dried pocket meals

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This survival kit or emergency kit contents 6x250gr Travellunch bags of freeze-dried pocket meals (250gr=adequate for 2 people or double ration) and 30pcs green 6'' (15cm) Snaplight lightsticks from Cyalume.

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The 6 freeze-dried pocket meals bags of 250g from Travellunch have been made to provide you with a sufficient caloric and energy intake.

Preparation: Prepare with 600 ml of hot water

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Shelf-life (from date of manufcature): 5 years

Allergens: Gluten, milk. May contain traces of eggs, celery and soy.

The 6 bags pack is composed of:

-1 bag of 250g Pasta with Carbonara Sauce
-1 bag of 250g Beef and Potato Hotpot
-1 bag of 250g Beef, Noodles and Mushrooms
-1 bag of 250g Nasi Goreng - Sans Gluten
-1 bag of 250g Chicken Korma Curry
-1 bag of 250g Chicken & Noodle Hot Pot

This pack includes 30pcs green lightsticks 6'' (15cm) SnapLight with a 12 hours duration. Keep the lightsticks away from light exposure in order to preserve their performances.

Shelf-life (from date of manufcature): 5 years

To activate the lightsticks: bend, snap and shake.

These lightsticks are without batteries and are 100% maintenance free. They provide you with an emergency light that alwyas works. With no risk, phthalate-free, it's recommended after use to dispose of this sticks as a solid waste in solid waste landfills.

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